Sunday, April 11, 2010


Saturday: laguna de urao, old school coffee plantation, yummy bar-b-que lunch, boat safari 1: monkeys, birds, iguanas, vegetation, palofito (house in the middle of the water), set up hammocks, nap, boat safari 2: sunset, freshwater dolphins, dinner cooked by the lovely ysaac, boat safari 3: gator hunting, dumb dumb birds, owl, etc., then LIGHTNING!, stars, relaxing, music, sleepy time in hammocks! WOKEN UP TO CRAZY STORM! 4 am - 6 am watched the incredible lightning from our hammocks :)

Sunday: breakfast, boat ride back to town, waterfall, pirate caves, pizza lunch, head back!

INCREDIBLE TRIP! Too magical to put into words.
19 days left.... next excursion: Chordoni Beach- WEDNESDAY!

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